New York City Department of Design & Construction (DDC)

Working for the City of New York gave me an opportunity to create a brand for the community outreach unit of DDC. The Department of Design & Construction manages over 6 billion dollars in capital construction projects throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC.

Branding the NYC DDC Community Outreach Unit

I've worked for New York City for 8 years. Upon starting work for the community outreach program, I realized I had to create an identity for it. As a graphic designer in a world of administrators and engineers, it became critical to create a bridge. I went about this by creating two brand identities.

1st System: The first system was based on construction imagery. Construction workers drilling, prepping main trunks, using heavy machinery and basically making a mess in people’s neighborhoods. After a few years, I thought that it was time to switch gears. 

Above: Construction Panel on Houston St, Manhattan
Left: Spread from E59th Street Brochure

2nd System: Once a sense of branding was established, it was time to get into high gear. Many of these infrastructure projects last for years among commercial and residential zones. NYC Government works with neighborhoods to relieve the burdens of construction sites. Inspired by the stark posters of Josef Müller-Brockmann and the NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual of Massimo Vignelli; I wanted to convey order, safety, serenity and simplicity.

Above: Brochure Covers 2011-2012 Below: Infographics to describe how NYC's Water System works

Above: Presentation Slides

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 10.32.42 PM.png
Details from various publications made for the community outreach division of DDC

Below: Sample spreads from various brochures made between 2011-2012