My chief responsibilities were to plan, organize, direct, and coordinate all graphic materials pertaining to Miami Beach Government. I was the Art director for the City's quarterly bilingual magazine. I also designed and produced all marketing materials for the City's major initiatives. 

100 Year Anniversary of  Miami Beach
In 2015 the City of Miami Beach celebrates its 100th anniversary. The concept behind these designs was to incorporate the city's logo with the Art Deco style found throughout Miami Beach. 

Welcome Beach Sign, Miami Beach
The old beach signs were out of date and new prohibitions needed to be added. This was an opportunity to make the signage visually appealing and welcoming. I illustrated all of the iconography in the redesign of these signs.

Miami Beach Trolley
These designs were proposed for a public bus line (tourist trolleys) in the North Miami Beach neighborhood. The direction was to incorporate the city logo with its colors of lime green and corp blue along with the identifying color of each bus line. In this case, orange. The concept was to create an image of a clean and punctual service for Miami Beach.

Miami Beach Recycle Campaign
In 2014 Miami Beach began to enforce recycling throughout the city. As part of this new ordinance, the city produced advertisements on city buses to create awareness.

Fourth of July Celebration in Miami Beach
The City of Miami Beach celebrates the 4th of July annually.

MB Magazine
MB is a free, bilingual publication distributed to the residents and businesses of Miami Beach. Art direction and production of this quarterly magazine was one of my main responsibilities.